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Turnstile Integration

There are many benefits to securing entry with turnstiles. Turnstiles improve security by providing superior access control by detecting and deterring unauthorized users and can  easily integrate with a building’s access control system. While enhancing the building’s operations by streamlining the entry process they also can accommodate a wide range of credential readers. 

Faster Response Time

Our Access Control Manager is browser-based and can be accessed anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection, including mobile devices. Whether it’s terminating employee access, putting a facility into lock-down or responding to a security breach, we give you the power to respond within seconds.


Most physical access control systems on the market use proprietary hardware, which tends to lock customers in to a specific vendor for years. We give you the flexibility to switch out of expensive hardware and eliminate annual licensing, support and maintenance fees, reducing your total cost of ownership.

Integration Ease

Our platform integrates with other internal IT systems including Active Directory, HR databases and any other IT and logical security systems, to put time back on your side. We use a role-based access control methodology (RBAC) to allow you to restrict access to multiple areas based on pre-defined roles, removing effort duplication and saving you time.


Our platform is built with redundancy and protection against security vulnerabilities in mind, to ensure your system is up and running smoothly and not exposed to risk of cyber-attacks. In addition, Hot-standby/auto-failover feature will back up your data on a cloud server and automatically switch to a backup system, in the event of system failure. The result is uptime, all the time.