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High Rise Residential Security & Office Building Surveillance

Tenant safety and building security is of paramount importance. The proper placement and quality of security cameras enhances the safety and security of tenants, staff, and properties reducing the liklihood  of theft, vandalism, and violence.

Safeguard Your Property

Protect your property from any physical damage, real-time monitoring combined with analytic loitering rules can be established to help monitor certain out of sight or low traffic areas. This can be achieved by the system sending alerts to a designated monitoring station or by sending an email to designated recipients.

Decrease Theft And Vandalism

Eliminate vandalism from happening on your properties to keep all tenants safe and worry free.

Deter Unwelcome Visitors

By adding surveillance cameras and access control systems to your parking lots and buildings it will deter and document unwelcome visitors attempting to enter the property.

Access View From Other Devices

Our systems allow our users to view their building systems on the go and off site by utilizing any updated pc, smart phone or tablet that has internet access.