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Commercial & Industrial

Businesses and office building managers face the challenge of ensuring the safety of employees, assets and data while keeping intruders out. Our broad mega-pixel cameras, access management solutions and open software can work with your current infrastructure to meet these requirements.

Tenant & Staff Safety

Our intelligent solutions help you maintain a safer working environment for your tenants and staff.

Resolve Incidents Faster

Designed to provide a simple and intuitive interface and quicker connectivity makes it easy for your security staff to quickly retrieve evidence, increase response times, and resolve incidents faster.

Make Budgets Go Further

Deliver better coverage with fewer cameras than traditional systems, resulting in lower installation expenses and potentially fewer security personnel. Our commercial solutions will save you money and free up financial resources.

End-to-End Intelligent Solutions

Our end-to-end intelligent solutions enhance the safety of your tenants, staff, and property by delivering unprecedented image detail and data intelligence. Our solutions are designed to integrate easily with existing systems including access control, burglar alarm systems, and identity management while enhancing the building’s current capabilities, allowing for greater coverage and superior detail. Apex3 Systems will help you reduce incidents and maintain the integrity of your building by providing the most robust evidence and systems support.

  • Reduced investigation time

  • Maintain outstanding safety grade

  • Mitigate illegal activity

  • Increased tenant and staff safety

  • Reduced system costs

  • Ensured building maintenance