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Alarm Systems

More and more small business customers are disconnecting from their old-style landline or POTS telephone service. The reason is simple: Customers have found that paying for landline phone service is an added expense that offers little in the way of benefits, especially as their own personal cell phones are handling most of the voice and communications traffic just fine. We’re increasing the functionality and giving consumers more choices and options for incorporating the newest, fastest, and most robust technology available in the market.

With Apex3 Systems, we leverage the robust cellular communication network, making it unnecessary to keep paying for a dedicated landline phone for your security & automation system, and eliminating the risk that an intruder could cut the phone lines to gain access to your business.

Deters Crime & Potential Threats

Makes the environment a safer place for everyone.

Remote Access

Have benefits of secure alarms, door control, energy management, and video monitoring.

Protects Employees & Valuables

Alarm Systems will reduce the amount of theft.

24/7 Protection

24/7 monitoring allows you to know what is going on at all times and react to emergencies immediately.